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Managing Agile teams (Software Craftsmen, DevOps)

Building and operating “Platform as a Service” (PaaS)  superstructures

Building Java microservices , mobile-first web apps, and “Software as a Service” (SaaS) architectures

Driving Agile transformation towards Scrum  and Lean Startup


Chief Executive Officer / Founder
GSTACK.IO — 2015-2017

The Gstack platform
Gstack is a “vitrine” Open Source deployment of Cloud Foundry, aimed at demonstrating Gstack skills in Cloud Foundry, BOSH and Concourse. It offers standard buildpacks and database clusters, along with reliability through M/Monit monitoring, SHIELD backups. It is operated via BOSH through Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment pipelines implemented in Concourse.

Consulting at Carrefour (6 months)
Bootstrapped, stabilized and developed a Docker Swarm project called “Agile Fabric” to provide on-demand and holistic environments for Agile teams (SCM, CI/CI, Artifact repositories, JIRA Agile, Confluence wikis, etc) onto OpenStack or Azure infrastructures. Then built a prototype for replacing Docker Swarm with Kubernetes.

Consulting at Orange (6 months)
Bootstrapped the Concourse implementation for CI/CD of the OSS production Cloud Foundry deployments. Maintained the CloudStack stemcell and contributed the affinity groups feature to the CloudStack CPI.

Promotion and trainings
Introduced BOSH in several tech talks in France, like public meetups or private event (at Criteo and Orange). Developed BOSH training courses.

Chief Technical Officer
ALVARUM.COM — 2012-2015

Transitionned the IT organization towards an efficient Scrum and DevOps team with established Product Management. Established early “T-shirt sizes” estimates, helping in features prioritization into the new downsized, lean roadmap.

Developed the Agile and Software Craftsmanship culture. Reduced cycles from 8 to 16 releases per year. Reached milestones in improved collaboration, autonomy, and flexibility of the team.

Heavily refactored the monolithic legacy Java Spring software, moving code out to 4 new microservices written in Groovy Grails, connected with new APIs and new Mule ESB data pipelines. Introduced Angular JS views and new mobile-first web designs.

Established the 24/7 on-call duties  for the “you-build-it-you-run-it” DevOps team. Relentlessly eliminated false-positives from the Nagios monitoring.

Bootstrapped the IT Services offer, converting early leads through business requirements analysis workshops.

Java Architect & Project Manager
LINKEO — 2008-2012

Developed new Java Spring platforms for the Clic-to-Call and Clic-to-Chat services, with improved AJAX interactions. Very rich environment with many technologies to learn, related to java, web and telephony.

Senior Consultant

Evaluating Information Security risks in clients organizations. Improving internal control in Information Technology field. High expectations for rigorous analysis, self organisation and client communication.

Information Systems Auditor

Internal audit missions to assess Information Technology  risks, for African retail banking subsidiaries and leasing companies in Europe. High expectations in quality of analysis and deliverables.

IT Security Expert

Deployed vulnerability scans to assess the security level for public web servers throughout all subsidiaries of the Société Générale Group. Developed and published a monthly dashboard presenting the security of those web servers, helping teams to identify threats and fix vulnerabilities.

R&D Engineer

Developed a vulnerability scanner, with modular CORBA architecture, a C++ framework for IP frames analysis, and rendering modules for graphical results written in Perl and PHP/PostgreSQL.


  • In-depth analysis and debugging of complex distributed systems
  • Strong capacity for learning new technologies
  • Developers Training and Development
  • Buisiness Requirement Analysis
  • Agile Coaching

Main Technologies

CF family

Cloud Foundry, BOSH, Concourse

Cloud providers

OpenStack, CloudStack, AWS

Main languages

Java, Go, Ruby


MINES ParisTech

Master, Computer Science, Maths, Engineering Management  – 2000-2002

Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Mines de Nancy

Master, Computer Science and Control Theory  – 1998-2001


Native French    |    Fluent English    |    Good level German    |    Chinese notions


Available on request.